Jack Prendergast


Jack got his first electric bass at age fourteen having played piano and saxophone as a child. Inspired by the great bassists of the time, jazz giants Ron Carter and Ray Brown, Motown legend James Jamerson and Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, Jack became a student of the bass role in jazz and all forms of popular music. Jack quickly became an in demand player and began recording at age 19.

Jack has worked and recorded with a wide array of artists including pioneer rocker Bobby Freeman, Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington, singers Dionne Warwick and Buddy Greco as well as comedians Jerry Lewis and Phyllis Diller.

Jack’s love of classic soul, Motown and rhythm and blues music has been a constant throughout his career. Jack strives to honor the tradition of solid, fundamental bass playing, providing a strong foundation for whatever musical situation he is in. Being a member of the James Moseley band gives Jack the opportunity to play and help bring to life music that he loves with some of the finest singers and players in the Bay Area.

Jack holds a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from the University of Notre Dame and has been a teacher of music in both school and private settings. He is also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammys).

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